A lot of times we get asked what the best way to measure your dogs neck, here are some pointers that you might find helpful when picking out a collar that will best fit your dog. First pointer is every collar company makes their collars differently, so do not go by the total length of the collar you already have to order your next collar. It is important to actually measure the dogs neck. The best way to measure is using a Tailor’s or Seamstress Tape and put it around the dogs neck to get the measurement. The second way we have also done it if you don’t have a seamstress or tailor’s tape is to take a string or thinner piece of rope and put it around the dogs neck. Where it touches itself keep that mark and lay it flat on the floor. You can then measure that with a yard stick or measuring tape.

How to pick the right adjustable size you ask? Well if your dog is a younger pup for instance 4-6 months old, I would definitely order your collar so that the neck size falls on the smallest hole on the collar. This way it gives your dog plenty of room to grow into it. For instance if you measured your dogs neck at 6 months old at 12″ I would order a collar that is 12″-17″, this way it will fit your dog when it is full grown as well. For a dog that is say 12 months old, the dog will most likely only grow another 1-2″ in the neck, so if it measured 12″ at 12 months old, I would order a collar that is 11-16″. For a dog that is fully grown I would order the neck size to fall in the middle, that way if you condition your dog and it’s neck size gets a little smaller, or if he or she puts on a little more weight during the winter, the collar will still fit nicely.

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