1.5″ Wide Custom Nylon Martingales


Martingale Collars make the best safety collar for dogs. Perfect for skittish puppies and rescues that can back out of regular buckle collars. Many prefer a martingale for better control on leash, as they help distract from pulling. They are the preferred collar of rescues and dog trainers.

When purchasing a slip-on style martingale like this one, measure your dogs head and neck size. If your dogs head measures larger than your dogs neck, use your dogs head measurement for determining the size collar you need. Add approx. 1″ to the measurement for variability (coat growth, weight gain, and slack). Weights listed below are a guide and approximate.

Size Chart-
Small- 10-17″ Neck
Medium- 15-24″ Neck
Large- 18-31″ Neck

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