988404_278474735650061_1770837908_n1969145_280452245452310_607841253_n11575_268532019977666_694809683_n11909_287750818055786_7702716331190009912_n163557_166208546876681_1765780514_n946754_599452680218930_6581232655611984513_n1186836_290043687826499_3863715599475436069_n1511054_290043574493177_3608054236068325763_n1656376_270747663089435_307191426_n1901755_277957452368456_1964575466_n1948073_270748096422725_2138744600_n1959450_287841471380054_5929466042687197372_nOuter color is the most shown color. The inner color can only be seen on outer edges of collar. Very minimal visual of this color, color variations are limited to plain colors.

2″ Custom Nylon Dog Collars


2″ XDream Dogs Custom Nylon Collars are made to be adjusted 5″ longer than the first hole; if the first hole you choose is at 16″, it has 5 more holes an inch apart so that it can fit neck sizes 16″-21″ (holes at 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, and 21″.). Please let us know what you would like the smallest hole made at.

Please choose each color layer and/or pattern you would like for your collar. You can visit our Colors and Patterns Gallery to see each individual color and pattern we offer.

Outer layer is the 2″ layer that is on top of the inner layer and shows the most. Inner layer is the color layer on the inside of the top layer.

We also add a top 1″ stripe down the middle, but it is optional if you would rather have it without.

Handle will match the stripe and inner color unless otherwise specified in order notes.

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Stitching Colors

Please select the stitching color below you would like your item to be stitched in. Black is no charge, all other colors there is a $3.00 charge for changing out the stitching. Contrasting colors look really good when making a selection.

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