Custom 1″ Nylon Dog Collars Embroidered


1″ Nylon Collars Custom Embroidered, all of the collars will have the embroidery done in capital letters. You can choose Block font “Lady” Collar or you can choose Stylist font “Rico”, “Sadie”, and “Penny” Collars.

XDream Dogs 1″ Nylon Embroidered Custom Collars are made to be adjusted 4″ longer than the first hole; if the first hole you choose is at 10″, it has 4 more holes an inch apart so that it can fit neck sizes 10″-14″ (holes at 10″, 11″, 12″, 13″ and 14″.). Please make a selection that would best fit your dog.

Please choose each color/pattern you would like for your collar Click here to view the Colors and Patterns. These are Quality Products for Quality Dogs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Collar Notes

Embroidered Colors

Please select the embroidered color below you would like your item to be embroidered in. Black is no charge, all other colors there is a $3.00 charge for changing out the color. Contrasting colors look really good when making a selection.

Handle Option *

Add a nylon handle to your collar to increase control.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Red, Forest Green, Hot Green, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Hot Yellow, Khaki, Light Red, Navy Blue, Olive Drab, Pacific Blue, Pink, Powder Blue, Pumpkin, Purple, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Grey, Tan, White, Yellow, XD Hot Pink, XD Grey, Often Imitated, Hunt Goals, Sugar Bulls, Liquid Purple, Liquid Hot Pink, Liquid Hot Green, Liquid Blue, Filigree, Black and White Paisley, Purple Paisley, Stars, Rasta, OP Camo, OP Pink Camo, OP Blue Camo, OP Purple Camo, OP Brown Camo, Working Dogs Terriers, Working Dogs Shepherds, Blue Smoke, Green Smoke, Red Smoke, Wicked Purple, Candy Dots, Polka Dots Brown, Fireworks, Kokopelli with Sun, Northwest Totem, Jolly Roger Red, Tiki Blue, Tiki Green, Byzantine, Tie Dye, Red, Purple, Black Stripes, Yellow, Green, Black Stripes, Feeling Lucky, Disco, Flannel, Green Flannel, Red Tartan, Pink Tartan, Black and White Argyle, Pink and Green Argyle, Blue and Orange Argyle, Blue and Yellow Argyle, Rainbow Stripe, Puppy Paws Black, Puppy Paws Red, Puppy Paws Pink, Duck Feet, Autumn Camouflage, Camouflage, Quadra Camouflage, Pink Camouflage, Flecktarn Camouflage, Jarhead Camouflage, Digital Camouflage Blue, Digital Camouflage Dark, Digital Camouflage Desert, Digital Camouflage Grunt, Digital Camouflage Jungle, Digital Camouflage Red, Digital Camouflage Pink, Krytek Yeti, Krytek Nomad, Krytek Typhon, Krytek Highlander, Fire, Hot Rod Flames, Metal Weave, Leather Weave, Chain, Diamond Plate, Barbed Wire, Sugar Skull Black, Sugar Skull Purple, Jaguar, Leopard, Rainbow Trout, Tiger, Zebra

Embroidered Font

Block, Stylistic

Adjustable Neck Size

6-10″, 7-11″, 8-12″, 9-13″, 10-14″, 11-15″, 12-16″, 13-17″, 14-18″, 15-19″, 16-20″, 17-21″, 18-22″, 19-23″, 20-24″, 21-25″, 22-26″, 23-27″, 24-28″, 25-29″


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